Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

     Electronics & Tele-communication Engineering department was established in 2009. It is the branch of study that has revolutionized the life style of humanity. It is a pace setter and a prime mover behind the transition to a technological society. The field of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering encompasses all areas of human life. Radio, television, telephones, computers, automobiles, office machinery and house-hold appliances, lifesaving medical equipment’s and space vehicles represent a mere sample in the wide spectrum of application of Electronics.

          Electronics & Tele-communication students have unlimited opportunities in the field of terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like telephones, cellular phones, television, optical fiber communication, consumer and entertainment devices. Highly rewarding and greatly satisfying opportunities await the Electronics and Communication Engineers in the field of satellite space programs, embedded technologies etc.


To continue to be one of the benchmark in the field of Electronics &Tele-communication in both education and research and achieve greater recognition for our efforts in our chosen fields of endeavour.


  • To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, interdisciplinary problem solving skills, societal and business awareness, and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions and be leaders in a global environment.
  • Be recognized as one of the elite engineering branch of college through research, innovation in education, and the transfer of concepts and results to technology and engineering practice.

Admission Intake Capacity : 30