Civil Engineering

         Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the construction and design of public and private sector works such as bridges, roads, dams and buildings. The Department of Civil Engineering established in the year 2009.The department runs three year full time Diploma course in Civil Engineering offered by Maharashtra state Board of Technical  Education, Mumbai. 

         The department consists of full equipped labs and well maintained instruments. The department is fulfilled with highly qualified and experienced faculties and students are intelligent, hardworking and disciplined; results in outstanding results at state level. I am really proud of them.

         Civil engineers can find job in Government sector; private and public sector industries, research and teaching institutions etc. job opportunities for civil engineers are expected to increase as fast as the average for all jobs, although the construction industry is vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy. Civil engineers will always be needed to maintain and repair existing facilities and structures and to construct new ones. In civil engineering one can look for jobs in road projects, building work, consultancy firms, quality testing laboratories or housing societies. The experts say there is a high demand for experienced civil engineers in developed countries.


" To become a leading department that provides civil engineers with technical competency to meet the requirements of industry and society."


  • Develop knowledge and skills in civil engineering discipline through advanced teaching learning process.
  • To provide quality education which helps to fulfill the needs of industry through academics.
  • Inculcate ethical values among the students as civil engineers with social commitment.

Admission Intake Capacity : 60